Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai

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Lyrics By Mohammad Iqbal Naqibi
Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali

Translated by Ayesha Kaljuvee

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Saqi Ki Har Nigah Pay Bal Kha K P Gaya
Lehroon Say Khailta Hoa Lehra K P Gaya

Dancing to every look of the wine-giver, I drank
Playing with the waves, I drank
Ey Rehmat-E-Tamaam Meri Har Khata Muaf
Mein Intiha-E-Shouq (Mein) Say Ghabra K P Gaya

O Lord, forgive my sins
That I was afraid, but still with great pleasure, I drank
Peta Baghair Izm Yeh Kab Thi Meri Majaal
Dar Pardah Chashm-E-Yaar Ki Shay Pa K P Gaya
That I would drink without prerogative, when did I have such courage?
With the acquiescence of my lover’s veiled eyes, I drank

Paas Rehta Hai Duur Rehta Hai
Koi Dil Mein Zaroor Rehta Hai
Close to me, far from me
Someone surely lives in my heart
Jab Say Dekha Hai Un Ki Aankhon Ko
Halka Halka Suroor Rehta Hai
Since I have seen her eyes
This mild inebriation remains with me

Aisay Rehtay Hein Koi Mere Dil Mein
Jaisay Zulmat Mein Noor Rehta Hai
She lives in my heart
Like light lives in darkness
Ub Adam Ka Yeh Haal Hai Har Waqt
Mast Rehta Hai Chuur Rehta Hai
Now is the state of this man that all the time
I remain enraptured, broken

Yeh Joh Halka Halka Saroor Hai
Yeh Teri Nazar Ka Qasoor Hai
This mild intoxication
It is the fault of your gaze
K Sharab Peena Sikha Diya
Tairay Pyar Nai, Teri Chaah Nai
That you have taught me how to drink
With my desire, my longing for you

Teri Behki Behki Nigaah Nai
Mujhay Ik Sharabi Bana Diya…
Your flirtatious looks
Have made me a lover of wine

Sharab Kaisi, Khumaar Kaisa
Yeh Sub Tumhari Nawazishein Hein
What a drink, what a high
These are all your gifts
Pilai Hai Kiss Nazar Say Tu Nai
K Mujhko Apni Khabar Nahi Hai

How you have made me elated with your looks
That I am not even aware of myself

Teri Behki Behki Nigah Nai
Mujhe Ik Sharabi Bana Dia

Your flirtatious looks
Have made me a lover of wine

Sara Jahan Must, Jahan Ka Nizam Must
Din Must, Raat Must, Saher Must, Shaam Must

The whole world is exhilarated
Day, night, morning and evening
Dil Must, Sheesha Must, Sabu Must, Jaam Must
Hai Teri Chashm-E-Must Say Her Khaas-O-Aam Must

The heart is intoxicated, so is the mirror, the glass and even the wine itself
Your captivating eyes have made everything delirious

Yoon To Saqi Her Tarah Ki Tere MaiKhane Mein Hai
Woh Bhi Thori Si Jo In Aankhon K Paimane Mein Hai

Every kind of wine resides in your cellar
And then there is that look in those eyes as well
Sub Samajhta Hoon Teri Ishwa-Kari Ay Saqi
Kaam Karti Hai Nazar Naam Hai Paimane Ka.. Bus!

I understand your cleverness well
It is the fault of your gaze, but the blame is put on the wine

Teri Behki Behki Nigah Nai
Mujhe Ik Sharabi Bana Diya

Your flirtatious looks
Have made me a lover of wine

Tera Pyar Hai Meri Zindagi
Tera Pyar Hai Meri Bandagi

To love you is my life
To love you is my bondage
Tera Pyar Hai Bas Meri Zindagi,
Tera Pyar Hai Bas Meri Zindagi

To love you is my life,
To love you is my life

Na Namaz Aati Hai Mujhko, Na Wazoo Aata Hai
Sajda Kar Leta Hoon Jab Saamnay Tu Aata Hai

Not prayer nor ablution do I know
I prostrate when before me you come

Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai
My life is only my love for you

Mai Azal Say Banda-E-Ishq Hoon,
Mujhe Zohd-O-Kufr Ka Gham Nahin

I am a true lover
With no fear of the hereafter
Mere Sir Ko Dar Tera Mil Gaya
Mujhe Ab Talash-E-Haram Nahi

Now that my head has found your mat
No need have I to search for heaven
Meri Bandagi Hai Wo Bandagi
Jo Muqeed-E-Dair-O-Haram Nahi

My bondage is to that spot
Which is tied to no sacred place
Mera Ik Nazar Tumhein Dekhna
Ba Khuda Namaz Se Kam Nahi

My taking one look at you
By God is equal to prayer

Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai
Bus Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar Hai

My life is only my love for you
My life is only my love for you

Tera Naam Loon Zubaan Say,
Tere Aagay Sir Jhuka Doon

To take your name,
To bow down before you
Mera Ishq Keh Raha Hai,
Mein Tujhe Khuda Bana Doon

My ardor tells me,
To make you my God
Tera Naam Mere Lub Per,
Mera Tazkara Hai Dar Dar

With your name on my lips,
I remember you every where
Mujhay Bhool Ja'ay Dunya,
Mein Agar Tujhe Bhula Doon

The world will forget me,
If I forget you
Mere Dil Mein Bus Rahe Hein,
Tere Bepanah Jalwe

In my heart reside,
Your many glories
Na Ho Jiss Mein Noor Tera,
Woh Charagh Hi Bujha Doon

That candle which has not your light,
Will be put out by me

Jo Pucha K Kis Tarah Hoti Hai Baarish,
Jabeen Se Paseene Ki Boondein Gira Di

When I asked how rain happens
From her forehead, she dripped a few beads of sweat
Jo Pucha K Kis Tarah Girti Hai Bijli,
Nigahein Milaein Mila Kar Jhuka Dein

When I asked how lightening falls
She met my eyes, and then lowered her lids
Jo Pucha Shab-O-Roz Milte Hain Kaise,
To Chehre Pe Apne Wo Zulfein Hata Deein

When I asked how night and day come together
She moved the hair away from her face
Jo Pucha K Naghmon Mein Jaadu Hai Kaisa,
To Meethe Takallum Mein Baatein Suna Deein

When I asked about the magic in music
She whispered a few things sweetly
Jo Apni Tamanaon Ka Haal Poocha,
To Jalti Howi Chand Shamein Bhujha Deein

Of my own desires when I inquired
Quickly, she snuffed some candles
Main Kehta Reh Gaya Khata-E-Mohabbat Ki Achi Saza Di
And I was left saying, what a punishment for the sin of loving

Mere Dil Ki Dunya Bana Kar Mita Di, Acha!
After inhabiting my heart’s world, you destroyed it
Mere Baad Kisko Satao Gay,
Mujhe Kis Tarah Se Mitao Gay
Kahan Ja Ke Teer Chalao Gay

Who will you torment after me?
How will you obliterate me?
Where will you direct your arrows?

Meri Dosti Ki Balaein Lo
Mujhe Haath Utha Kar Duaein Do,
Tumhein Ek Qatil Bana Diya

Thank my friendship
Raise your hands and bless me
That I have made you a murderer

Mujhe Daikho Khuwahish-E-Jan-E-Jaan
Main Wohi Hoon Anwar-E-Nim Jaan

Look at me, desire of my life’s life
That I am that same man

Tumhain Itna Hosh Tha Jub Kahan
Na Chalao Is Tarah Tum Zaban

When did you ever have such self-awareness
Don’t argue with me like this
Karo Mera Shukriya Meherban
Tumhein Baat Karna Sikha Diya

In fact, be grateful
That I was the one who taught how you to speak

Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor Hai,
Yeh Teri Nazar Ka Kasoor Hai
Kay Sharab Peena Sikha Diya

This mild intoxication
It is the fault of your gaze
That you have taught me how to drink

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