EGO is a New York-based blog/zine for the South Asian diaspora – for that cosmopolitan desi who has come into his/her own, holds an interest in all cultures and subjects, and likes to have fun, get titillated and in general, isn’t a slave to conventions, rituals and social inhibitions!

If you have that kind of EGO, then this is the place for you. And it’s ok if you’re not desi (South Asian), we’ll adopt you!

EGO curates the most interesting articles and news on the Web for our readers; we also interview brilliant, crazy, talented and fabulous individuals who we admire.

A virtual home for desis (by birth or adopted) to express themselves, experiment, and learn from each other and other cultures, EGO is avant-garde, informative, and sexy.

Along with 40,000 of our regular readers a month, we’re having fun and the party has just started. Welcome to EGO!

Published by House of EGO
Headquarters: New York
Contact: info@egothemag.com

* photograph courtesy Farrokh Chothia