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Shayma Saadat - Sumptuous Cooking With a Hint of Nostalgia

Shayma Saadat – Sumptuous Cooking With a Hint of Nostalgia

Shayma Saadat has the unique talent of mixing delicious dishes with beautiful writing, making her recipes on her blog The Spice Spoon: Cooking Without Borders both a thrill for the palette and a literary feast.

Reinventing Yoga

curated by Ayesha Khanna

Lizette Alvarez in New York Times:

TARA Stiles does not talk about sacred Hindu texts, personal intentions or chakras. She does not ask her yoga classes to chant. Her language is plainly Main Street: chaturangas are push-ups, the “sacrum” the lower back. She dismisses the ubiquitous yoga teacher-training certificates as rubber stamps, preferring to observe job candidates in action.

In her classes, videos and how-to book, “Slim Calm Sexy,” Ms. Stiles, a 29-year-old former model with skyscraper limbs and a goofball sensibility, focuses on the physical and health aspects of yoga, not the spiritual or the philosophical. For traditionalists, this is heresy, reducing what they see as a way of life to just another gym class.

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